This Week’s Outstanding Athletes

Local High School Sports

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Parkwood High School Basketball:

Molly Setliff-  This player’s offensive prowess was undeniable from start to finish in this being my first time watching this team do battle.  Molly scored 25 points against Sun Valley.  On the defensive end of the floor Molly jumped on every chance to create turnovers and disruptions for the Spartans.

Addison Laney- Somewhere at the top of the list of offensive minded players in Union County I’m thinking you have to mention Addison Laney fairly quickly.  Finishing with 18 Addison Laney came out firing.  I really enjoyed seeing that special shooters confidence that you really can’t teach in a player.  Combined with a strong defensive effort, this is a talented player.

Honorable Mention:

Kennedie Gaither-  One thing I can say from the standpoint of a player and coach is that defense is paramount in the arsenal of a good team.  Watching this team work as a unit I realized this player brings the defense!!! From tip off to the final buzzer I was impressed with the consistency of defensive pressure.  Anybody that knows about winning knows that defense is a must, and Kennedie Gaither gets the Honorable Mention.

Sun Valley High School Basketball

Dorian Shinhoster- It was a joy watching this young man play basketball.  He finished with 19 in the win against Parkwood, but what I was more impressed with was the energy and emotion he brings to the floor as a player.  And for this factor he is one of my Athletes of the Week.  Every time needs a set of jumper cables during the journey through the season.  Dorian Shinhoster is definitely an athlete that will get the best out of the players around him in games to come.

Weddington High School

Erin Addison- 5’4 Sr. pg/sg Erin boasts numbers that any player and coach would smile at.  Averaging 16.8 points a game, pulling down 6 rebounds , 3.1 assists and 3.5 steals earns her a spot in my picks for Outstanding Athlete.

Marvin Ridge High School Basketball

Riley Berrey- Riley introduced 19 points to the Piedmont panthers and had 4 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Cuthbertson High School Basketball

Blake Hesse- Blake is a 6’5 Junior who is developing into the type of player everyone wants to play with.  Blake is being acknowledged in this weeks picks as “Clean up Man”  5 rebounds per game and 3 blocks comes in handy for any team.

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