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Marvin Ridge High School Mavericks 


Connor Ryan –  Scored 14 points with multiple rebounds and assists for the Mavericks in their 55-50 win over the Weddington Warriors.

Honorable Mention – David Vogt added 13 points and Harrison Brown contributed 12 points in the victory for the Mavericks.


Noble Tsumas The Freshman had 12 points and 9 rebounds in the Lady Mavericks win over Weddington.  She also scored 15 points against Charlotte Catholic in the double overtime win.

Cuthbertson High School Cavaliers 


Maddie Dillinger – The outstanding Lady Cavaliers Freshman scored a career high 30 points and a career best 13 rebounds in their win over the Lady Warriors.

Indoor Track and Field:

Cuthbertson Polar Bear 2 Track Meet – Official Results

300 Meters Brandon Black finished 1st with a time of 35.66 in the men’s event, while Dahilia Cutler won the women’s event with a 41.57 race.

500 Meters – Daniel Chavez was the winner in the men’s race with a 1:11.06 time, and Florah Henry finished 1st in the women’s event at 1:25.86.

1000 Meters – Walker Lezotte finished first in the men’s event with a time of 2:45.71.  While Sarah Latour won the women’s race at 3:06.30.

1600 Meters – Kaithyn St. Hilaire finished in 1st place with a time of 5:32.18 for the Cavaliers.

4 X 200 Relay – Ryan Kobziak, Aidan McNally, Myles Wallace, Brandon Block finished in 2nd place with a 1:34.00 time.

4 X 200 Relay – Anyha Goode, Mackenzie Townsend, Kailyn Haines, Dahilia Cutler  finished 1st, time 3:35.80 in the women’s race.

4 X 400 RelayWalker Lezotte, Paris Worthham, Kyle Stamper, Jack Walsh finished 2nd, time 3:36.07.

4 X 400 RelaySanja Block, Mackenzie Townsend, Angelina Mangiapanella, Dahilia Cutler finished 1st, time 4:28.37 in the women’s event.

4 X 800 RelayCampbell Turner, Carson Turner, Michael Garrity, Trevor Townsend finished 2nd, time 9:32.91 in the men’s event.

4 X 800 RelaySarah Latour, Madeline Hill, Leah Helms, Gabriella Castro finished 1st, time 10:05.95 in the women’s run.

High JumpTrevor Grant, 5-06.00 and Basil Abdulrahman, 5-00.00  finished 1st and 2nd.  While Mikayla Goodell won the women’s event with a 4-10.00 high jump.  Teammates Karynn Borgelt and Camryn Taliaferro tied for second with a 4-08.00 jump.

Pole VaultVincent Frattaroli won the event with a 10-00.00 vault.  Teammate Nicholas Bonfiglio finished in 2nd with a 9-06.00 vault for the Cavaliers.  While Juliet Angelis won the women’s event with a 6-00.00 vault.

Long Jump – Mackenzie Townsend finished in 2nd place with a 14-11.00 long jump.

Triple Jump – Trevor Grant won the men’s event with a 41-09.00 triple jump, while Kate Helms finished second with a 29.10.00 women’s triple jump.


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