Tri-W Baseball Players Continue to Work and Improve Nearly All Year

A Tri-W player slides in to second base (Credit: D. M. Wallace)

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There are many different ways for a student to spend their summer. For student athletes that aspire to play baseball at the next level, summer days will certainly consist of tournaments, camps, or games and practices in the punishing sun, all for the love of the game and their passion for self-improvement.

A Tri-W player on the mound (Credit: D. M. Wallace)

Through Babe Ruth, American Legion, and travel tournament teams, many Tri-W players and their families dedicate nearly every week of summer to grueling tournaments that often take athletes and parents far from their homes and span multiple days. When the athletes happen upon the opportunity to spend time in their hometowns, they are practicing multiple times a week to keep their skill level competitive.

A Tri-W player goes for a double play (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

As summer comes to an end and the heat begins to fade out, most of the community will turn their attention to football and soccer. Those who are truly committed to baseball will take just a short break to prepare for the fall season that is about to begin.

A Tri-W Player at bat during summer-league play (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

The only time that these athletes ever seem to take a significant break is in the dead of winter when, as rumor has it, they can be found building baseball-themed snowmen, attempting to simulate a game situation, in anticipation of spring’s opening day.

A pitch at Davidson College (Credit: D.M. Wallace)
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