Varsity Baseball Series of the Week: Cuthbertson vs. Parkwood

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The Cuthbertson Cavaliers strike fear into opposing coaches and players alike simply by appearing on their schedule and for good reason. At 12-4 on the season, the Cavaliers have proven time and time again that they are one of the most powerful teams in the county.

Senior Ethan Haislip prepares to add his second hit of the night. (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

Last week was no different as Cuthbertson turned in a serious show of force allowing only one run in two games against the Parkwood Rebels while scoring 22 of their own.

The pitching of juniors Cade Kuehler and Noah Weston proved to be too much for the Rebels to handle. With 18 strikeouts and only six hits allowed between them, Parkwood couldn’t seem to gain enough traction in either game to recover as the score gap continued to grow.

Parkwood junior Jose Rodriguez readies up on the mound (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

The score gap grew, in both games, under the guidance of seniors Wyatt Bradley and Aly Dawood. Bradley went 4-4 in game one and added three runs to the board in one hit alone while Dawood went 3-5 and added two more runs on a single hit. The pair was at it again in game two as they put down three hits each. The rest of the team followed suit, quickly putting up 11 runs in each game leaving the final scores at 11-0 and 11-1.

Sophomore Austin Burns makes a run for first (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

The Rebels end their conference run with an overall record of 7-11. They will face the Charlotte Stampede and Providence Day in non-conference matchups as their last games of the regular season.

The Cavaliers begin their last conference matchup this week against the finely tuned Weddington Warriors in what may be the most exciting series of the year as both teams vie for first place in the conference. Weddington begins this week at 12-5 overall on the season Cuthbertson stands at 12-4.

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