Zach Moore: Sun Valley’s Freshman State Champion

Zach Moore celebrates his state record time (Photo courtesy of: Dan Loughlin of

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“I looked at last year’s state time, and I knew that this kid could be something special.” 

Those are the words of Sun Valley track and field head coach Jayy Pierre as he described the first time that 3A state champion, and record holder, Zach Moore came down the track. As a freshman, Moore broke the NCHSAA 3A state record for the wheelchair 55-meter dash in his first official race; he set the current state record of 16.47 seconds with his first-place victory at this year’s indoor track and field state championship.

Zach Moore after his state title win (Photo courtesy of: Dan Loughlin of

Setting the bar so high, so early in an athletic career, can cause an athlete’s work ethic to falter. Moore, however, shows no sign of slowing down. According to coach Pierre, the state champion will have roughly one week off before preparing for the spring season. These preparations include 6 a.m. workouts nearly every day of the week, ensuring that hard work and dedication are always at the forefront of the Spartan game plan. That same game plan embodies Moore’s personal approach as well. He said that he finds his motivation to continue training through his goal to beat his own record.

Zach Moore races for the finish line at the NCHSAA 3A Indoor Track and Field State Championship (Photo courtesy of: Dan Loughlin of

Moore’s performances this year, his hard work, and his drive to improve have rallied the Sun Valley community in support of the athlete and his goals. As news of Moore’s state title flooded the area, an online fundraiser was launched by a friend, with the goal of helping the state champion achieve even faster times. Support from the Spartan community poured in at an incredible rate, and the $3000 goal to purchase an upgraded wheelchair was met in less than four days. You can see the generous donations for yourself at, with a search for keywords Zachary Moore. 

Coach Pierre said that Moore’s ability to progress is phenomenal and that it has been a big part of his success. He said that Moore’s growth and development have been amazing to watch. ‘He motivates others to be better,” Pierre said, “he’s truly been a pleasure to coach.” Moore said that coach Pierre has motivated him to be better as well, “doing everything that he can to help me improve.” With three years left of high school track, Moore has plenty of time to put coach Pierre’s training to good use.

Zach Moore crosses the finish line for first place at the NCHSAA Track and Field State Championship (Photo courtesy of: Dan Loughlin of

Despite the roaring praise from his school and his community, Moore hasn’t let his newfound fame go to his head. He said that he is enjoying his success while he can, but he won’t let it get to him. By the time you’ve read this, Zach Moore has certainly undertaken several more 6 a.m. workouts, followed by school, followed by practice, all while trying to navigate the tumultuous world of life as a teenager. In that light, maybe it’s time that we all get motivated.

From first time competitor to state champion, Moore has truly inspired his entire community. Congratulations, Zach, on all that you have accomplished this year, and for all of the record-breaking successes that are sure to come your way. 

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