Essential Oils For The Holidays, Christmas And Winter

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CHARLOTTE – With the chilly season upon us, come shorter, colder days and longer, darker nights.  We can look to essential oils to help fight off the winter blues.

Considering the chaos of the holiday season and the dark, dreary, and, in many cases, snowy months that follow, we could certainly use some varieties that help boost relaxation, clarity, and positivity.  Take a look at my favorite five essential oils for the winter months.

Lavender-For rest and tranquility

For how long the nights are during the winter, it can be surprisingly hard to feel truly well-rested during these dark and dreary months. If you wake up wishing for eight more hours, consider adding a lavender essential oil to your bedtime routine.

Geranium-For support and uplift

This essential oil does so much more than just smell sweet Whether you’re feeling a little sluggish or kind of blue, this essential oil may give you the boost you need.

Allspice-For clarity and comfort

Allspice scent is overwhelmingly comforting, but it’s also useful when you need to clear your thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand. If we need more of something this time of year, it’s definitely a tie between focus and heart-warming.

Sweet Marjoram-For relaxation and positivity

If your anxiety ramps up during the holiday season, sweet marjoram should be your go-to essential oil. Used to alleviate worries, stress, and negative thoughts, and it’s even thought to encourage you to think more optimistically.

Black Spruce-For energy and vibrance

The perfect remedy for those mid-winter slumps that like to sneak up in January and February. A whiff of black spruce will likely prove invigorating and help you refocus your energy toward your goals.

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