Crown Vs. Filling

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WAXHAW, NC – In today’s issue, I will address some of the main reasons why your dentist may recommend a crown vs. a filling.

Let’s dive into the technicalities of both. Tooth-colored fillings are a great restoration choice for replacing decayed or fractured tooth structures. They are biocompatible and esthetic. They are bonded to the tooth and seal the tooth but require a dry field. However, tooth-colored fillings are not as strong as teeth, and depending on how much tooth structure is missing, your dentist might recommend a crown to secure the tooth and make it structurally strong.

So, when is crown a necessary choice? Here are some common cases when a crown is recommended:

  • After a root canal treatment, a crown is required to secure the tooth from future fractures and to seal the root canal from reinfection
  • When functional cusps of the tooth are fractured
  • When replacing a large amalgam (silver) filling that has developed crack lines in the surrounding tooth structure
  • To restore lost/worn tooth structure due to heavy grinding

The reason why a crown is a superior choice in the above-mentioned scenarios is that crown is like a cap that is made of strong material specifically to fit your tooth that secures your tooth from all angles and extends its longevity. It looks esthetic and functions as the rest of your teeth.

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