Gum Disease And Heart Health

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WAXHAW, NC – Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the number one cause for tooth loss. The harmful bacterial biofilm that causes periodontal disease is also highly correlated with heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight in pregnant women and other inflammatory conditions. Risk factors such as smoking, genetic factors, hormonal changes and other immunocompromised conditions accelerate the disease progression.

Clinical research shows a strong relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease, stating that presence of gum disease can increase person’s chance of having heart disease by 20%. Same bacteria that causes gum disease was also found in the arterial plaque deposits causing heart valve damage. And while we are still trying to understand the exact relationship and correlation of gum disease and its effects on heart health, the dental community believes that having healthy gums will lead to healthy cardiovascular system.

People who have gum disease and are considered high risk based on the factors mentioned above, must visit their dentist at a more frequent intervals (typically every 3-4 months) for maintenance and to keep the disease at bay. In addition to regular professional cleanings, we recommend at home hygiene regimen consisting of brushing at least twice a day, daily flossing and a healthy diet rich in vitamins.

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