Tips For Managing Dental Trauma

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WAXHAW, NC – School is almost out; pool season is upon us, and staying safe while having fun becomes a priority. Let’s talk about the steps you need to take when dental trauma occurs.

  1. First and foremost, don’t panic and evaluate the site of the injury. Sometimes the tissues around the teeth bleed profusely, which can make it look worse than it is. Clean up the traumatic field and evaluate.
  2. If the tooth is avulsed (knocked out of the socket), gently pick up the tooth, avoid touching the root, don’t scrub, wash it under cold running water for 10 min and place it in milk. If milk is not available, then store it in patient’s saliva. Apply a cold compress to the area. In case of avulsed tooth time is of the essence and the outcome depends highly on the time the tooth spent out of the mouth. Immediately go to the ER or call your dentist to manage the trauma. Most ERs have on call oral surgeon who will reposition the tooth back in the socket and band the teeth with wires to immobilize them.
  3. If the tooth is fractured or chipped, contact your dentist for options to repair the fracture. A root canal may be needed based on the depth of the fracture or the symptoms.

With any dental trauma, please see your dentist for management and follow-up of the healing progress. Stay safe and smile!

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